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Surprise Gift Cards!

December 28th, 2007 at 09:27 pm

I was organizing all the sites I go through for surveys and paid e-mails; switching my e-mail address, updating profiles, bookmarking the sites to my main computer, et cetera.

As I was doing this I found $21.00 earned on Testspin and 12,600 points on Epoll!

Testspin only gives out Amazon.com gift certificates for now (they are working on paypal and checks) so I ordered two $10 gift certificates.

Epoll only gives gift certificates, but you have more choices. Since I just got the other gift certificates I opted for a $20 Amazon.com gift certificate.

I noticed I am getting close on a couple of other sites to get some sort of payout, too. Any cash I get will go towards my debt. Any with gift cards only I'll use to either offset expenses (like gas or fast food for DH) or as a treat for the family.

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